Scuba Diving

Indonesia is renowned for its world-class diving sites. Let us take you on a diving tour to see the incredible marine life of Indonesia. Live aboard Tanaka and enjoy luxury accommodation and whilst doing the best diving Indonesia has to offer.

Diving everyday

Every day, dives are organized to discover the beautiful seabed. Whether you are beginner or experienced, you will have your place within the group to share a unique experience.

Gear Rental

There is diving gear available to rent on this boat. Please provide your rental needs on the booking form.
You will need to pay for the rental gear on board of the boat.

Island Hopping

Join us aboard as Tanaka takes you on a dream tour around the paradise of Komdo and Flores. Famed for its rich marine life, volcanic crater lakes and native Komodo Dragons, our tour of Flores & Komodo Island will leave you breathless.

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